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Attendance / Presenoldeb

Pupils are expected to attend school regularly. If ill, parents must inform the school as early as possible on the morning of their absence. School should be informed of hospital or dental appointments in advance so that the register can be marked appropriately.

If a family holiday is planned during the school term the school must be informed beforehand and permission received from the Headteacher. It must be emhpasised that some work will be difficult to repeat on a child;s return and therefore absences should be avioded if at all possible. A maximum of 10 days annually for holidays can be included as Authorised absences.

Attendance figures percentages for 2009/10 were 94.6%

Punctuality / Prydlondeb

Punctuality is encouraged as it sets good standards for life and also because valuable teaching time can be lost if children are late for school.

Persistance late marks on our registers will trigger a visit from the Education Welfare Officer.

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